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About Us

SoundScape Studio is a full service, multi-room, recording, mixing & mastering facility in Chicago.  Founded in 2002, we have been helping local & national artists achieve sonic excellence.  With a diverse clientele ranging from Hip Hop, Funk, Punk Rock, Voice-Over, Gospel to Heavy Metal, SoundScape is here to help you turn your wildest ideas into sonic gold.  We have hourly, half & full day rates, as well as project/bulk discounts.  We have 2 studios that complement each other. Between recording, mixing, & mastering in either Studio A or B, we have a Studio solution/combination to meet all budgets.


A word from our Founder:

“SoundScape Studios is committed to bringing the best possible sound to Chicago’s true music industry, whether locally based clientele looking for a national sound, or national artists recording here in Chicago. SoundScape Studio’s intimate and relaxed environment has been a home to artist’s of all walks who put quality, comfort & budget above extravagant excess. Call us anytime to discuss your needs. Let’s make a record together!”
Michael Kolar
Owner & Chief Engineer

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