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Rates & Policies

B Room Rates with Jabari:

3 Hours = $130 -13% discount

6 Hours = $250 -17% discount

12 Hours = $400 -33% discount

Hourly = $50 p/hour with a minimum of a 2 hours

Hourly Vocal Production Rate = $65 p/hour


New B Room Rates with Staff Engineer:

3 Hours = $120 -11% discount

6 Hours = $230 -18.5% discount

Hourly = $45 p/hour with a minimum of a 2 hours


A Room Rates with Michael:

3 Hours = $230 -10% discount

6 Hours = $400 – 22% discount

10 Hours = $500 -41% discount

Flat Rate Mixing $500 p/song

Hourly = $85 p/hour with a minimum of 2 hours


New A Room Rates with Jabari:

3 Hours = $170 -13% discount

6 Hours = $320 – 18% discount

Hourly = $65 p/hour with a minimum of 2 hours


Payments accepted via PayPal and credit/debit cards.


As many of you know, our B Room engineer, Jabari Rayford, is an extremely talented vocalist, arranger, and producer in addition to being the best B Room engineer we’ve ever had.  He always goes the extra mile to transform your vocals.  With Melodyne, Auto Tune Live, and VocAlign in both studios, Jabari is now well equipped to offer vocal production services. The rate for this service will be $65 p/hr to have Jabari take the necessary steps (coach, arrange, produce, Melodyne, Auto Tune, etc.) to give you the best possible vocals.  Being a singer himself, Jabari will always coach top-notch vocals.  Give us a call to discuss your next vocal production session.


A flat rate mix allows Michael Kolar to really focus on one song with out having to work against the clock.  He will spend as much time as your song requires.  This ensures that your record is the 1st thing Michael hears when he gets to the studio, avoiding ear fatigue. During the mixing process he will listen to your song in multiple environments outside of the studio (i.e. car, laptop, home theater system, club, etc.) to ensure your mix translates well in all environments.  This will also include two, 1-hour revisions with a total turn around time of 3-7 business days.  A 50% deposit will be required 48 hrs in advance and the remaining 50% will be due upon pickup.  Call us for a custom quote when purchasing more than 3 flat rate mixes.

Receive 10% off your total studio invoice if your session is paid in full 48 hrs prior to your scheduled date.  If the session is not canceled and or rescheduled within 48hrs, it is non-refundable or transferable. Excludes: 12 hour block, 10 hour block and flat rate mixes.


If bounces were not made during a scheduled session and JUST a bounce needs to be made it will be $5 if needed within 24hrs.  All revisions are done in 15 minute increments at an additional $10.


We will only bounce mp3′s to conserve space, ensure the quality remains the same when converting from wav to mp3, and for the client’s convenience. We will bounce wav’s upon request.


The session begins when scheduled whether or not you are present. As we are a very busy studio, we may not be able to make up time due to tardiness. You are financially responsible for your entire scheduled session. You must call and cancel and or reschedule at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled session start time or you will be charged 50% of your total session fee. If you make a deposit & no show or cancel within 48 hours of start time, your forfeit your deposit.

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