About Us

SoundScape Studios is a full service, multi-room, recording, mixing and mastering facility in Chicago.  Founded in 1996, we have been helping local and national artists achieve sonic excellence.  With a diverse clientele ranging from Hip Hop, Funk, Punk Rock, Voice-Over, Gospel to Heavy Metal, SoundScape is here to help you turn your wildest ideas into sonic gold.  We have hourly, half and full day rates, as well as project/bulk discounts.  We have 2 studios that complement each other. Between recording, mixing, and mastering in either Studio A or B, we have a Studio solution/combination to meet all budgets. 

Studio A

Studio A is our main studio. The studio features a large live room with 13 foot angled ceilings and non-parallel walls, a dedicated Iso Room, a large control room with slotted diffusers, and suspended bass trapping in the rear of the room.  Studio A was also redesigned by world famous acoustician Carl Tatz featuring his Phantom Focus Speaker System.

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Studio B

Studio B is a built-from-the-ground-up solution to meet today’s independent artists needs. Studio B features a very large vocal booth with hardwood floors, a large glass block window, and ample bass trapping for tight and articulate sound.  Several artists can record simultaneously in this vocal booth. 

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