Studio B is a built-from-the-ground-up solution to meet today’s independent artists needs. Studio B features a very large vocal booth with hardwood floors, a large glass block window, and ample bass trapping for tight and articulate sound.  Several artists can record simultaneously in this vocal booth.  The control room was designed and built from the ground up for a focused sound over the entire sound spectrum.  Suspended full audio band traps are implemented in a “cloud” configuration suspended over the mixing console for excellent mix translation.  A custom-built rear wall bass trap tightens the low end so there are never any “muddy” sounding mixes.  A large window also lets in ample natural light, along with hardwood floors, making for a unique looking control room.  Isolated circuits keep Studio B’s power clean and separate from the rest of the facility.  Swiss Made Gotham Audio cable ties in 3 mic lines, 4 headphone feeds & MIDI from the vocal booth to the control room.  Double wall construction and acoustically treated ductwork allows for loud tracking sessions without contaminating the vocal mic.


  • Sonodyne SM-300 monitors
  • Sonodyne SLF 312 sub-woofer
  • Custom Malone Design Console with Avid Artist Series Modules 
  • ProTools 12.4 running on a dual 2.4 GHz 6-Core 27 inch iMac with 20 Gig of ram
  • Custom Vocal "API lunch box" with Rupert Neve Designs 511 mic pre and Inward Connections "brute" vocal comp 
  • Neumann u87 vocal mic moded by Bill Bradley @ The Mic Shop in Nashville


B Room Rates with Jabari:

  • 3 Hours = $190 
  • 6 Hours = $350
  • 10 Hours = $550
  • Hourly = $70 per hour with a minimum session of 2 hours
  • Vocal Production Rate = $30 add on p/hour (this includes Vocal coaching, Auto-tuning, Melodyne Editor 2.0 & vocal FXs)

B Room Rates with Jeff or Aidan:

  • 3 Hours = $160
  • 6 Hours = $300 
  • 10 Hours = $450
  • Hourly = $60 per hour with a minimum session of 2 hours
  • Custom beats with Jeff for an additional $30 per hour plus $100 flat fee, per original beat. 

B Room Rates with Eric:

  • 3 Hours = $135
  • 6 Hours = $250 
  • Hourly = $50 per hour with a minimum session of 2 hours
  • Home Production Services = $45 per hour with a $25 travel fee and a 2 hour minimum (includes home recording, production, arrangements and home setups)


These are our rates for independent artists, those invoicing Majors and Corporations are subject to a 20% up charge.

Payments accepted via PayPal, Cash, Chase Quickpay, ACH, Wire Transfer and all Credit/Debit Cards.